Hand massage stimulates your body's most important functions

Hand massage stimulates your body's most important functions

Hand massage is a fast and proven technique for improving overall health. In the palm there are areas that communicate directly with certain internal organs and are called reflex points.

Their stimulation unblocks the circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the corresponding organs, which positively influences their functioning. Hand massage also relaxes the muscles, increases joint and tendon mobility.

Japanese massage chairs with air cushions press the hands at a moderate level of intensity. The air cushions stimulate each area by gradually and repeatedly compressing and releasing air in small amounts.

This technology helps improve blood circulation in the palms and fingers, which reduces the risk of inflammation. Hand massage is for anyone who wants to unblock blood flow and relax.

The tendons, joints and muscles of the hands are often strained when exercising or by people who perform repeated or high-stress physical activities. The range of the best professional massage and relaxation chairs offers arm massage with 3 levels of intensity adjustment. Air cushions firmly press the arms from the elbow to the fingertips.

Due to strenuous exercise or weight-bearing sports, muscle wasting and weakening of the joints in the hands can occur. Over time, this leads to difficulty handling objects, numbness in the hands, tenderness and muscle pain.

Optimising joint strength through hand massage reduces the risk of symptoms associated with arthritis and other rheumatic inflammations. Hand massage is recommended after every workout or active day to relieve muscle stress and prevent pain. The physical benefits are complemented by emotional ones.

The pressure exerted by the air cushions stimulates the nervous system and the production of endorphins. The pressure on the hands also helps unblock the lymph that carries the body's toxins out through the kidneys and liver. Reducing stress and anxiety is possible by massaging the centre of the palm.

In the lower part of the palm is the reflex point for the digestive system and in the middle of the middle finger is the reflex point for the heart. The reflex point for the nervous system is in the centre, and between the base of the thumb is the reflex point communicating with the lungs.

So when you turn to hand massage every week, you help some of your body's most important organs to function at their optimum. For example, you protect your digestive system, your respiratory system, your nervous system and thus protect yourself from digestive disorders, anxiety, fatigue, heart problems, nervousness, anxiety, asthma, bronchitis and other disorders of the respiratory system.