Japanese massage chairs, a revolutionary technology with proven benefits

Japanese massage chairs, a revolutionary technology with proven benefits

People are increasingly overwhelmed by the dynamic pace of life that is typical of modern society. The constant stress of coping with professional and emotional projects makes us prone to illness and premature ageing. Vacations and visits to massage parlours are a costly option in the long run. Japanese massage chairs are an alternative for people who have adopted an active lifestyle, are busy or are not willing to invest in massage parlours.

Japanese massage chairs have also gained popularity thanks to their distinctive design, which makes them easy to integrate into homes, offices, relaxation rooms or spas. In addition, massage chairs bring a wide range of benefits for the prevention and relief of certain conditions associated with stress or ageing.


1.Japanese massage chairs - How do they effectively contribute to physical and emotional well-being?

2.Professional massage chairs - Discover the benefits of custom electric massage

1.Japanese massage chairs - How do they effectively contribute to physical and emotional well-being?

For a long time Japanese massage chairs were considered a luxury rather than a long-term investment. Those who have experienced massage therapy already know what it means to have a personal therapist available right in your own home. The complex functions that define the highest quality massage chairs are primarily aimed at mental comfort. Because when you are mentally well, your immunity becomes stronger in the fight against illness.

The 5D mechanism ensures millimetre precision massage

The massage starts with a scan of the user's body profile, thanks to the "S-line Detection System". The massage chair with 5D+I.A. mechanism is a Fujiiryoki first. The Artificial Intelligence-based system scans the spine and shoulders to detect problem areas. The Japanese massage chair can assess 10 different muscle groups to then provide a millimetre-precise massage focused on sore and stiff spots, just like a professional masseur.

The result obtained after a minimum of 15 minutes of massage is comparable to that offered by the salons themselves. You'll notice a reduction in pain, the disappearance of knots, muscle spasms, stiffness and real improvements in mobility.

Zero Gravity massage chairs eliminate the sensation of mechanical massage

Massaging muscles regularly stimulates blood and lymph circulation. These processes help cleanse the organs by removing toxins, as well as transporting oxygen and nutrients to tissues, cells and organs. This benefit makes Japanese massage chairs suitable for use even in the recovery process of people who have undergone surgery.

Zero Gravity massage chairs align the torso and thighs, position the legs slightly above the heart, thus distributing body weight and reducing pressure on the spine. Blood circulates better throughout the body, muscle tension disappears and heart activity normalises. Stimulating blood flow, nourishing and oxygenating areas where there have been problems, helps speed up the post-operative healing process.

Electric massage speeds up the body's healing process

Increased blood flow simplifies the absorption of nutrients into the body, which contributes to physical and mental revitalisation. When muscle stiffness is reduced and blood flows throughout the body, endorphins in the brain are automatically stimulated. When the body is in harmony, our tone is noticeably improved. Stimulating endorphins in the brain has greatly reduced recovery time after colds or flu and increased resistance to stressors, anxiety or symptoms associated with depression.

2.Professional massage chairs - Discover the benefits of custom electric massage

Each professional massage chair comes equipped with different massage programmes and techniques, speeds and degrees of intensity. This gives you the freedom to customise your massage routine with the right techniques for each area of your body or according to your preferences at the time.

Massage for poor peripheral circulation

Professional massage chairs come equipped with built-in heaters for the most stress-sensitive areas: back, feet and abdomen. The heat released relaxes the tissues deeply and helps expand blood vessels. Massage and heating chairs and armchairs are also preferred by people with poor peripheral circulation or who frequently have cold feet.

Universal massage for athletes or sedentary people

Do you have a sedentary lifestyle, work 8 hours at a desk or spend a lot of time on your feet? Electric foot massage chairs can quickly take away the discomfort of a demanding day. Air cushion massagers relax your shoulders, waist, arms and legs, eliminating pain and tension.

Stimulation of reflex points for natural self-healing

Reflexotherapy works on the principle that every organ can be stimulated by pressing the conductive point. Professional massage chairs incorporate massage rollers strategically placed at key points that stimulate the functioning of each organ. Thanks to reflexotherapy, many ailments have been prevented by massaging energy centres and unblocking blood flow.

Customised massage according to your body's needs

Massage programmes and intensity can be changed during the massage, depending on your body's needs at any given time. You have the freedom to choose the type of massage, the areas you want to focus on, the pace and speed at the touch of a button. So you can identify and memorise with the remote control a set of favourite massage strokes to include in your daily relaxation routine.

The smartest investment in health is prevention. In line with this principle, more and more people are showing an increased interest in habits designed to maintain permanent well-being. Experts believe that massage therapy helps maintain emotional balance. Thus, when we manage our reaction to stressors, we are in control of life on all levels.