4 unknown facts about the Japanese massage chair

The Japanese massage chair promises spa-like relaxation right in your own home. Everyday stress and the difficulty of balancing work and personal life make it impossible to honour visits to massage parlours. Plus, what could be more satisfying than knowing that at any time of the day or night you can take advantage of massage programmes tailored to your needs at that moment.


1.Japanese massage chair, part of your health plan

2.Japanese massage chairs, from fad to investment

japansese massage chairs

1.Japanese massage chair, part of your health plan

Professional Japanese massage chairs mimic the movements of human massage so faithfully that over time various curiosities have arisen around Japanese massage technology. Discover each one and find out how much truth lies behind these theories.

  • Massage can replace physical activity
  • Outdoor sports provide undeniable benefits in terms of oxygenation of the brain and other vital organs. On gloomy days, when temperatures are low or after a tiring day at work, the Japanese massage chair provides the same benefit. The Zero Gravity massage chair positions the body at 160¬į, which stimulates blood to circulate to muscles, joints, organs and tissues.

    The deep tissue massage programme also works deep into the muscles (up to 12.5 cm), eliminating stress, reducing lactic acid and muscle fever, stimulating blood circulation to all muscle groups. This reduces the risk of stiffness, acute pain and muscle discomfort.

  • Massage boosts immunity naturally
  • The immune system is influenced by the quality of our daily habits. So, if you ever feel weak, lacking vitality and don't know why, then review your life routine and identify the 'culprit'. It may be harmful choices that increase cortisol levels or a poor diet in relaxing activities. So get your diet in order, exercise and embrace massage therapy.

    What is the link between immunity and massage? Professional Japanese massage chairs alternate classic Japanese massage techniques and adjust the intensity level of the rollers and air cushions according to the areas where problems are identified.

    The massage session begins with a scan of the user's morphology, continues with the detection of painful points and ends with an incredible feeling of relaxation. Massage helps release endorphins in the body, increases dopamine levels, reduces lactic acid in the muscles and balances the effects of the stress hormone on the immune system.

    2.Japanese massage chairs, from fad to investment

    The devices and the Japanese massage chair are designed to complement the effects of complementary therapies for relaxation and disease prevention.

  • The right massage has to hurt
  • Quite the contrary! The slightest discomfort is a sign that something is wrong. It could be the incorrect position in the massage chair, the intensity of the rollers being too high, the wrong programme being operated, etc. For this very reason, the professional Japanese massage chair offers over 80 massage programmes with the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the rollers up to level 12. Massage is designed to relax, prevent illness, relieve pain and not create new problems.

  • Massage is an expensive fad with a temporary effect
  • On the contrary, massage is an investment in very long-term physical and mental health. When you relax, you release happiness hormones that support immunity. A gentle massage before sleep guarantees the quality rest so essential for immunity. Massage techniques applied before and after sport prepare muscles for exertion and prevent muscle fever by lowering lactic acid.

    Whether you're feeling tired after sports, exhausted after work, experiencing back pain from sitting, or need a stimulant to help you get enough sleep, Japanese massage chairs embody the image of your own therapist.

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