About Family Inada 2000-2015


In 2000, Family Inada launched a massage chair model that went beyond the conventional idea of temporarily relieving body stiffness and fatigue. Instead, this chair aimed to provide a medical massage experience that supported the body's natural building process without causing stiffness and fatigue.

The chair incorporated three innovative mechanisms to achieve this goal. Firstly, an automatic shiatsu point search system with an optical sensor that located the body's pressure points for a more effective massage. Secondly, a super slow system that utilized four massage balls to deliver a slow and deep massage. Finally, an optimal medical program that was customized for the user's specific purpose.


In 2002, a new massage chair model from Family Inada that incorporated a synchronized music program. This innovative feature aimed to enhance the massage experience by synchronizing the massage movements with music, providing a higher massage effect and promoting mental and physical relaxation.

Users could enjoy their favorite music during the massage, further


In 2003, Inada Family introduced a massage chair model with arm and foot massages that promote blood circulation. The chair has a perfect reclining function with automatic adjustments to ensure the optimal massage position.


This 2003 model from the Inada Family brand offers a full-flat footrest for a neat appearance when not in use. Its banzai arm can be flipped up for easy sitting and standing from either side. It also includes a hand massager and palm vibrator that uses air, shiatsu ball, and vibrator to massage the palm from fingertips. The buttocks and foot massager features airbags and shiatsu balls for multi-point shiatsu


Continuing with the 2004 model from Inada Family, this chair features:

Upper arm massage: A tight-fitting airbag massages the upper arm, promoting circulation with a press-and-release motion.

Buttocks heater: Keep your backside cozy and comfortable with a built-in heater.


The 2005 model features a new foot shiatsu unit, which has a sole shiatsu ball that applies firm pressure and kneading to stimulate the soles of the feet, as well as airbags that wrap around the ankles and heels to loosen them. Additionally, the chair has a button that allows you to choose the reclining angle steplessly for an optimal posture during the massage.


This 2006 model has a luxurious design made with industrial designer Tomoaki Murata. It features a "joystick" for delicate movements, a high-response push-out mechanism, and a dual medical program with 5 courses to choose from.


This massage chair from 2007 features a stretch program that uses air cells on the back and seat to exercise muscles that are seldom used in everyday life. Additionally, it has a fluctuation function that mimics the motion of a hammock to balance muscle contractions after a massage. The chair also includes a built-in ottoman with three programs that can be used separately and doubles as a stool when not in use.


In the 2008 model, you get a shoulder air unit that uses air bags to provide an effective massage from the shoulder to the upper arm. There's also an arm air unit that massages the palm and instep with upper and lower air bags. And for your legs, you can enjoy a refreshing massage with the selection of sole shiatsu balls that feel like stepping on green bamboo.


This 2009 model offers a posture-only stretch exercise course, combined with advanced air and fir ball techniques. It also features a Phiten Aqua Titanium Sheet for effective stretching movements to the neck.


Enjoy a relaxing neck massage with the family's unique kneading and pulling techniques. Experience evolved, compact stretch exercises and relaxation vibes designed to enhance the healing effect with waveform rhythms.


1/f Fluctuation rhythm. Locking Mechanism :
Pursue the healing of the mind with a cradle-like swing that automatically locks.
Double movement of air and mechanism. Leg loosening mechanism :
The double movement of mechanical and air realizes an unprecedented hand massage sensation of "unraveling" that goes beyond "firming".
A new experience of "twisting" and "stretching". Neck fir stretch pillow :
Not only "fir" and "shiatsu", but also "twisting" and "stretching" to stretch the neck.


This 2010 model features chest opening air on the backrest, enabling chest opening stretches. It also includes pelvic 3D Shiatsu with airbags on the waist, thighs, and buttocks for a three-dimensional pelvic massage.


Loosen up with our massage chair's buttocks and leg functions. Three-dimensional massages relieve pelvic and outer thigh muscles and loosen lymph nodes of the inner thigh. Thoroughly massage your tired legs, working the calf muscles and promoting blood flow for total relaxation.


Born is a master of loosening shoulders!

It's a professional shoulder massager that alleviates stiffness from the root.

Fir tree grip mechanism:

Various massage techniques, such as "fir tree grip," "shiatsu," and "fir tree tame," are employed to loosen up the shoulder from the top of the shoulder to the edge of the scapula.


This chair has an ultra-long stroke of 145cm that extends the treatment range to the whole body, equipped with 8 massage balls of different shapes to properly massage each part of the body. The medical program is evolved to find the exact shiatsu point and technique based on symptoms. The reclining angle supports the body evenly throughout the chair, reducing the burden on the body for a more comfortable massage.


Enveloping whole body massage:
Airbags and massage balls are used to provide a relaxing massage from neck to feet, with massage balls focusing on neck to waist, and air massage on arms to buttocks and around pelvis and feet.

"Spine Stretching Course" for posture:
Course that stretches erector spinae muscles at base of spine and unique full-body stretch that focuses on improving posture.

"Heated Hands and Feet" feature:
Gently warms the coldest parts of the body to provide a relaxing experience from the core.


This medical chair is a game-changer with its unique stretching function supervised by the famous Tadashi Kaneko. This function focuses on posture, making it a completely new concept chair. The chair has 30 airbags and a new 3D push-out mechanism that provide a full-body massage. Additionally, the hands and feet heater gently warms the coldest parts of the body, providing a relaxing experience from the core.


Experience a new level of relaxation with the Calico massage chair. Its cute and soft curved design is perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day, on a lazy afternoon, or whenever you need a break.

With a 100cm long stroke, the massage balls can reach up to your buttocks, providing ultimate relaxation in the perfect reclining position. The long-stroke massage balls run from your neck down to your thighs, effectively massaging your stiffened buttocks.

The chair features a solid combination technique that delivers high-quality body care, thanks to the pelvic 3D balance function. By tightening from both sides and jerking from the bottom, the massage balls and air carefully balance the muscles around the pelvis, providing a new sense of fir tree feeling and higher-grade comfort.


ndulge in a luxurious and comfortable massage experience with this stunning model, designed to help you unwind and relax in style.

Feel the difference with its leg-wrapping feature that firmly hugs your entire leg, soothing any puffiness and relieving tension. Plus, with the three-dimensionally moving massage balls, you can say goodbye to lower back fatigue as the device targets the area with precision.

But that's not all - this versatile model is also designed with style in mind. Its cute cube shape is not only adorable but also practical, as it can be easily folded and used as a stool. Don't compromise on style for comfort when you can have it all with this incredible model.


The automatic shiatsu point search system, which features an "adjust sensor," is a unique and intelligent feature that automatically seeks out different shiatsu points according to each user's individual body shape. This ensures that acupressure points, which are crucial for improving a wide range of symptoms, are effectively massaged with the ideal amount of pressure.


This massage chair targets specific areas of the body for relief and relaxation. It firmly massages the neck, scapula, lower back, and calves, and loosens stiffness with airbags. It also features a pelvic massage and hand/arm massage, as well as a warm air feature for the hands and buttocks.


Family Inada focuses on the "natural healing power" that humans have, offering 4 new medical programs, including the "Stress Relief Course." The 3S craftsmanship provides unprecedented comfort with autonomous, synchronized movements and a sticky kneading sensation that relieves deep, wide, accumulated stiffness. Experience a new dimension of massage with Family Inada.