About Family Inada 1062-2000

About Family Inada


Family Inada made significant strides in massage chair technology, including the development of an automatic kneading ball lifting and lowering system, a leg vibration function for targeted leg massage, and a mechanism for selecting vibration types by switching between kneading and rhythm vibrations. These innovations represent a major breakthrough in the field of massage therapy and demonstrate Inada Family's commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of customers.


Introduceing a new "recursion kneading" mechanism, which replaced the previous "horizontal kneading" technique, and is now the norm due to its similarity to human hands. The kneading balls move in a wave-like motion and adjust their speed, resulting in a more natural and hand-like kneading experience.


The massage chair comes with a spine roller that moves up and down along the spine with varying strengths and weaknesses, providing a stroking and acupressure effect. It also features a reclining function for a natural and relaxed massage experience. The chair has a roller replacement mechanism, allowing users to switch between soft rollers and hard rollers equipped with shiatsu balls. It has a rolling action that moves the entire back muscles up and down, and a pointing action that moves the point up and down at 150mm intervals. Additionally, the chair comes with a vibrator stool that stimulates the calves and soles with vibrators and vibrating balls.


Indulge in the epitome of relaxation with our revolutionary wellness device, launched in 1988 by the esteemed Family Inada. Our device boasts a remarkable 3-step push acupressure mechanism, delivering shiatsu-style pushes with an enchanting, bouncy feel.

Unwind with our whole body roller, gently easing tension from the neck to the lower back, and experience targeted relief with our partial roller function, focusing on points with a width of approximately 15 cm.

And let's not forget the blissful leg vibration feature, which stimulates the soles of your feet all the way up to your calves, providing an exquisite sensation of calm and tranquillity.


Transport yourself back in time to 1996, when the prestigious Inada family introduced their opulent relaxation machine.

Featuring groundbreaking 4-ball massage technology, our machine was carefully designed in a seesaw-type formation to provide the utmost comfort and cater to all body shapes.

Our electric reclining feature was a true innovation, operated with a simple switch to effortlessly recline the backrest and raise the footrest, allowing you to unwind in complete luxury.

With a spacious seat and deep design, along with a long footrest, our chair provided a truly indulgent and delightful sitting experience, and served as a testament to the Inada family's commitment to superior comfort and relaxation.


In the history of Inada Family's massage chair brand, they have introduced various innovative features that offer a unique and comfortable experience. These features include air-powered massage balls for a natural feel, customizable kneading for each point of the body, sliding adjustable footrest for calves and buttocks, and compact designs with foldable backrests for easier storage.


In 1999, Family Inada introduced a revolutionary massage chair that offered a unique 3D (three-dimensional) massage experience. The chair featured four massage balls that freely moved along the shoulders and back, providing a perfect combination of rubbing, tapping, and spreading motions with the right amount of strength for the upper body.

The chair also incorporated air massage technology, which gave a sense of acupressure to the lower body. The footrest firmly wrapped around the calves, while the palms pressed on the thighs and buttocks for an all-around massage experience.