About Fujiiryoki

The History of Fujiiryoki Massage Chairs

1954 The first Fuji automatic massage chair

In 1954, the inaugural Fuji automatic massage chair was introduced to the world, born out of the rubble of post-war Japan. Nobuo Fujimoto, the visionary founder of Fujiiryoki massage chair, meticulously collected and repurposed materials, including wood, balls, and chains, to create prototypes of this groundbreaking product. And thus, the very first massage chair was brought to life, forever changing the world of relaxation and wellness.

1965 Fuji massage chair A-1

Behold, a revolutionary creation has arrived! The A-1 model features a remarkable four massage balls, simultaneously caressing the shoulders and waist with unrivaled precision. A special product designed specifically for kneading, this model offers the utmost in customized massage experiences. The massage balls can be effortlessly repositioned to your desired locations along the shoulder, back, and waist regions by simply operating the handle on the right side of the chair. This marvel of modern technology was initially sold at a price of 80,000 yen, which equates to around $30,000 in today's value. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation and pampering with the awe-inspiring A-1 massage chair.

1967 Fuji massage chair C-3

Enter the world of indulgent comfort with the specialized C-3 massage chair, designed to provide an exquisite tapping experience. Boasting similar features to the exceptional A-1 model, the C-3 distinguishes itself with its unique massage ball design. The massage balls feature three carefully crafted protrusions on the tips, providing an unparalleled level of comfort during use. Our company places utmost importance on the design of the massage balls, ensuring that each movement, whether it be tapping or kneading, is executed to perfection. Experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation with the one-of-a-kind C-3 massage chair.

Cradle period (1974-2001)

1975 Massage can be switched with single switch.[Fuji massage MOTHER FM-52]

Journey through time and experience the evolution of massage technology with our latest creation that harks back to an era gone by. Once upon a time, our designers crafted a state-of-the-art internal structure that enabled users to effortlessly switch between kneading and tapping modes with a mere flick of a switch, paving the way for a new wave of massage chair functionality. But that's not all - the user could even fine-tune the strength of the massage, providing an indulgent and personalized experience. Not to be outdone by function, our designers also went the extra mile to ensure that the chair exuded sophistication and class, making it the perfect addition to any home. Embark on a journey to the past and treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation with our ground-breaking massage chair.

1979-1980 “Roller type” gets popular[Dr. Roller FP-401]

A “roller-type” massage chair that massages both sides of the spine while massage ball is rolling was born. The technology that could only be used for “knead” and “tap” has dramatically grown. In addition, this model has also made it real to recline the backrest freely.

1995 World-first Air chair[Air massage chair Royal chair MC-133]

Cast your mind back to a time when innovation in massage technology was flourishing, and witness the birth of a revolutionary product. In a world first, Fujiiryoki introduced a massage function for the calf and thigh, which greatly enhanced blood circulation in the legs. Not content with stopping there, we pushed the boundaries even further by creating the world's first massage chair equipped solely with air bags, which quickly became a fan favourite for its plush and comfortable feel. Experience the ultimate in leg massage and indulge in supreme comfort with our ground-breaking chair from yesteryear.

Fusion of air and massage balls[Air solution massage chair AS-777]

As the 21st century dawned, the winds of change were blowing in the world of massage chairs. A new and inspired creation emerged - one that combined the powerful massage balls of yesteryear with the gentle, soothing knead of air. It was a game-changer, shaking up a market that was previously dominated by models exclusively featuring either massage balls or air. The new concept model set the trend for years to come, becoming a benchmark for all future massage chairs. Prepare to be blown away by the perfect harmony between power and comfort, as we proudly present our game-changing massage chair of the 21st century.

Establishment period (2001-2004)

The CYBER-RELAX which is equipped with “Brain”[CYBER-Relax Massage chair AS-001]

Fast forward to the present day and witness the culmination of years of research and development in the massage chair industry. The CYBER-RELAX massage chair, equipped with the revolutionary "Brain" system, represents the pinnacle of massage chair technology. Boasting a plethora of innovative functions, such as the industry's first 3D point navigation system that can detect each person's unique back muscle line and automatically select the optimal massage program, this cutting-edge massage chair is truly in a league of its own. With its ability to adapt the massage to the user, it's a true embodiment of the fusion between man and machine. Prepare to be pampered like never before with our state-of-the-art CYBER-RELAX massage chair - the ultimate indulgence for the modern era.

2002 Mega hit for innovative design and technology.[CYBER-Relax Massage chair AS-003]

The 2002 release of the CYBER-RELAX AS-003 massage chair was a game-changer, thanks to its innovative design and cutting-edge features. With a sophisticated moss green fabric and unique "Foot stretch" feature, the AS-003 quickly became a customer favourite. Its "3D massage" and "Cross press method" only added to its widespread acclaim, leaving a lasting impact on the massage chair industry.

2003 Won the Good Design Award[CYBER-Relax solution massage chair AS-878]

The CYBER-RELAX AS-878 massage chair proved to be a winner in 2003, taking home the prestigious Good Design Special Award thanks to its Art Deco-inspired design. With a strong emphasis on both form and function, the AS-878 demonstrated that aesthetic appeal had become just as important as features and functionality in the development of massage chairs.

Development period (2004-)

2004 Expansion of massaging area[CYBER-Relax massage chair AS-800]

In 2004, the CYBER-RELAX AS-800 massage chair took the industry by storm with its expanded massaging area. The AS-800 could now massage not only the feet, but also the shoulders, including the upper arm. Thanks to this innovative expansion, the AS-800 received the highly-coveted Good Design Award that year, further solidifying its position as a top-performing and well-designed massage chair.

2005[CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-810]

In 2005, the "CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-810" introduced the newly designed "Kiwami Mecha" massaging balls unit, which improved the shape and pitch of the kneading ball arm and drive gear, resulting in a 1.3x increase in the maximum protrusion of the massaging balls. This innovation enabled deeper and more powerful stimulation with movements that closely resemble human hands.

2010 Compact massage chair[KEN OKUYAMA Model Massage chair KN-10/KN-15]

In 2010, the compact and stylish KEN OKUYAMA Model Massage chair KN-10/KN-15 was introduced to the market. Designed by world-renowned industrial designer Kiyoyuki Okuyama, it offers a full-fledged massage function while fitting seamlessly into any interior due to its simple and rounded design. This product was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award.

2012 Evolution and acceleration of massaging mechanic[CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-850]

The AS-850 represented a significant step forward in massaging technology, with its advanced 4D mechanism that allowed for an even more nuanced and precise massage experience. In recognition of its design and technological innovations, the chair received the Good Design Award in 2012. As Fujiiryoki continued to evolve and refine its massage chairs, it remained at the forefront of the industry, setting the standard for excellence in massage technology and design.

2013 Luxurious rest The first 60th anniversary model[CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-960]

Next generation high-end model AS960 creates new rage of massage chair and introduces “Rest” when you are at home for a long time. Equipped with a “bed position” where you can leave your body in a relaxed state close to a flat, and the industry’s first 30-minute automatic course “sommelier course”, you can enjoy the best of rest.

2013 60th anniversary special premium model[Relax Solution massage chair AN-60 Premium]

Continuing their 60th anniversary celebrations, Fujiiryoki released the Relax Solution massage chair AN-60 Premium in 2013, a special model that features high-quality genuine leather and a sophisticated design for a luxurious experience. This premium model is priced at 1 million yen (excluding tax) and aims to provide not just physical healing but also a healing of the mind.

2015 Combination of tradition and evolution, the flagship of next generation.[CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-1000]

The 2015 CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-1000 combines tradition and evolution as the flagship of the next generation. Its innovative "In-depth Kiwami mecha PRO" mechanical unit relieves the muscle fatigue of modern people with power and technique. The air flow rate and speed are adjustable, and a "hand massage mode" provides strength and dynamism.

2017 Advanced technologies are united to respond the trouble of each user.[CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-1100]

In 2017, Fujiiryoki released the AS-1100 massage chair, featuring advanced technologies such as a new 7-minute short-automatic course for targeting specific areas of stiffness and fatigue, as well as an enhanced foot massage function. This flagship model offers personalized solutions for each user's needs.

2019 Total union of Fujiiryoki’s wisdom, AI massage begins[CYBER-RELAX massage chair AS-2000]

In 2019, Fujiiryoki released the AS-2000 massage chair with newly installed AI technology, which automatically adapts to the body shape and condition of each person. The chair's "5D-AI mechanism" and "AI double sensing" reflect the user's ideal massage through high-precision sensing technology.