Professional Massage and Relaxation Chairs - How Do They Work?

Professional Massage and Relaxation Chairs - How Do They Work?

Massage is a simple and accessible solution through which people achieve a high level of relaxation by eliminating pain and stiffness from various areas of the body. Additionally, some individuals use massage to take care of their daily routines. For example, athletes choose massage before starting their training sessions for warm-up, or after finishing them to flush out lactic acid and prevent muscle soreness. People who spend prolonged hours at the office turn to massage techniques to stimulate blood circulation or alleviate lower back, sciatic, or shoulder pain. Professional massage chairs are designed to simulate the firmness of a masseur's hands on vulnerable areas using various techniques. The design of massage chairs and the multitude of built-in functions can be intimidating to potential users, who often prefer to rely on the hands of massage experts. In reality, the design is crafted to withstand wear and tear and to seamlessly integrate into any interior design style. The massage functions can be activated with a simple button press on the touch-screen remote control. Simple, isn't it?

Professional massage chairs combine luxury aesthetics and cutting-edge technologies to ensure not only relaxation but also discomfort prevention.


5D Massage System + Artificial Intelligence

Massage and relaxation chairs feature 5D rollers that perform firm movements with varying levels of intensity on the muscles. The roller massage automatically adjusts to the user's muscle condition after a body scan is completed. The roller movement can involve tapping and gentle pressure, as well as squeezing through air cushions. Both the air cushions and rollers can be adjusted from the remote control to provide a massage appropriate for your physical condition, ranging from gentle massages to firm and deep pressure on very tense areas. The rollers don't act randomly. The 5-dimensional system directs the rollers left-right, up-down, and forward-push.


Massage Position Adjustment

Professional massage chairs allow you to adjust the backrest and extend the footrest. Their positions can be adjusted even during the massage, without needing to stop the program when you want to change your body posture.


Air Cushion Massage

Air cushions are a common feature in massage devices, and they are one of the reasons these chairs are so sought after. The repeated compression and release movements of the air in the cushions help release muscle stress from the shoulders, waist, legs, and other areas where fatigue accumulates.


Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is another function that enhances the utility of professional massage chairs. The built-in heaters prove useful in any season, warming the feet that tend to get chilly easily, as well as the back area affected by air conditioning during the summer.

Professional massage chairs are designed to enhance user experience by offering audio guidance, a touch-screen remote control, numerous preset programs and techniques, as well as the ability to save customized massages based on individual preferences and health conditions.
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