The history of Massage Chairs

In the history of man kind, many claim that massage is one of the oldest form of medical care. The first practicians of massage, were in India, Egypt and China and first mentioned massage chairs are dated back to about 2700 BCE.

Arround 1000 BCE, Japanese Monks studying budism in China, discovered and appreciated the benefits of healing methods of traditional massage, which became in time the shiatsu massage.The shiatsu massage increases the body energy level and unlocks the bodys "qi", "ki", "chi" which will heal the persons mind, body and spirit, using pressure in a holistic and non invasive manner.

The Greeks and Romans also used touching methods as a mean of recovery and rejuvenation.

In the 20th century, massage was used in Europe to treat soldiers suffering from shell shock or exposed to nerve gas, but today, massage is extremely popular as an effective way to relief stress aswell as promote healing.

The main benefits of massage chairs, are extended to relieve back pain and assist improving body movement range, also can assist with lymphatic drainage  with helps the body natural defend system. Also massage assists athletes before and after workouts or to improve appearance of the body from skin to pumping oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs and also improving blood circulation. Massage chairs are also used for relaxation and reducing knots in overused and tired or stressed muscles, reduce pain, increase endorphins, the body natural pain killers or assisting, stretching and increasing joint flexibility for improving mood and reduce depression and also the pain of migraines. 

In 1954 Fuji Seisakusho established in Hannancho, Abeno-Ku, Osaka City, produced the first mechanical massage chair as health equipment, developing the first wooden massage chair.

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