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Inada Calabo Deluxe Massage Chair Color Beige

Inada Calabo Deluxe Massage Chair Color Beige

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Inada Calabo Deluxe Massage Chair Color Beige is the ultimate luxury massage chair that can improve your sleep and overall well-being. Produced by Family Inada LTD, this professional massage chair is a product of Japanese engineering and comes equipped with advanced A.I. Stick and A.I. Massage mechanisms, as well as an A.I. Foot massage mechanism, providing you with a comprehensive and personalized massage experience. A Japanese-Engineered Professional Massage Chair for Improved Sleep and Overall Well-being. 

Customizable Massage to Meet Your Personal Preferences 

  • Everyone's body stiffness is different, Inada Calabo Color Beige AI stick fine-tunes the massage mechanism to provide a massage that suits you best. With the ability to communicate your personal preferences, you can freely operate the chair as many times as you like to get a massage that matches your desired strength and pinpoint areas of stiffness.¬†

Improve Blood Circulation and Good Posture 

  • Inada Calabo Deluxe massage chair is equipped with an AI sole mechanism that stimulates foot pressure points to promote blood circulation from the feet to the whole body. Our stretch program focuses on intentional stretching to improve posture, flexibility, and balance for good health.¬†

Various Health Maintenance Programs 

  • Calabo Deluxe massage chair offers various health maintenance programs to promote blood and lymphatic flows for quick recovery from fatigue and stress. Our physical conditioning program quickly activates your body for vitality and motivation.

Multiple Stretching Movements for Complete Relaxation 

  • Inada Calabo massage chair offers various stretching movements to relax your muscles and provide balance to your body. The Full Body Bending Movement stretches your abdominal muscles and back while the Posture Stretch Movement creates a large arch across your back. The Full Body Stretching Movement offers a complete stretch to soften your muscles. Whether you're looking to relieve stress, alleviate muscle tension, or simply relax, this chair has you covered.¬†

Elegant Design for Any Room 

  • Plus, its elegant design, supervised by renowned Japanese interior designer Ms. Tomoko Ikegai, will complement the interior of any room, adding a touch of sophistication and class to your home. Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury with the Inada Calabo Deluxe Massage Chair.


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